This is now Worf's Memorial page. He was diagnosed with lupus, and additional forms of cancer.
He is missed on a daily basis.

AKC Registered Name:  Worf Hound of the Warrior

Worf is a 95 lb., 9 years old, German Shepherd. He was born in Columbus Ohio, July 16th 1995.  He was the runt of the litter, from Sheba and King. 

Worf loves cookies, car rides, playing ball and his favorite toy is the water hose.  He loves the water but hates to take a bath.  He's great with kids and is considered a 4th child in our family.  He is an excellent watch dog who is finely tuned in to our family.   He is, unfortunatley, afraid of storms; which tends to limit his fierce appearance.  This leads to Worf becoming a 95 lb. lap dog.

Worfs page is a dynamic page, meaning it will be added to on a regular basis.  If you have any pictures you would like to post on Worfs friends page, just send them to Worf at and he will gladly post them.  Please include a description and the likes and dislikes of your pet.
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Worfs Friends

Julie and Worf back from a walk in the neighborhood

Max's Dog Bakery
1375 Main St.
Sarasota Florida 34236
Ph# 941-330-0330
Netta MacMahon, Owner
Deanna Stoll, Manager

Worf starting the New Year with a nice cool bath.  ( Thanks mom! )

Worf would like to remind everyone that The animals at the Humane Society and other pet rescue organizations need your help.

Worf's favorite store on St. Armands Circle.

Worf and Julie at Paw Park.  Paw Park
is a very pet friendly Park.

Worf Ready to take a break from photo
 shoots and go for a ride in his favorite chariot.

Worf and Julie at Sapphire Shores
Neighboorhood Park

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