The Extra Mile

Dear Julie,

I just wanted to thank you so much for being my Realtor.  Your professional manner in handling my closing helped me through the process, as well as all your overall help with the sale of my home.  You always went the extra mile.


Nicole Carren

A long journey

Dear Julie,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the guidance and assistance you have given me during the past three months in locating the right home for me.

As you remember, when we began this process, I gave you a list of ten parameters that I wanted in my new home, as well as a list of items I did not prefer and some I would not accept. After our closing today, I reviewed that list and found that the house I bought today conforms to the list perfectly. My new home has every item I wanted and none of the items I did not want.

It has been a long journey with detours along the way. You very cheerfully wrote contracts on four separate properties for me and followed up with the required inspections, surveys, etc. I chose not to pursue the contracts on the houses that proved to be unsatisfactory for various reasons. Throughout this time-consuming, work intensive process you never pressured me to buy a house that really didnt suit me. On the contrary, you encouraged me to evaluate the properties critically and ask all the right questions.

Finally, I want to thank you for guiding me through the bewildering maze of real estate forms and processes. Since this was the first house I have purchased without the benefit of my late husbands experience, your expertise was invaluable and greatly appreciated.

Wishing you the very best.


Ann L. Berna

Our Sarasota Realtor
Dear Mr. Cristello:
We are writing to tell you how pleased we are with our experience working  with Julie Stalnaker. 

In mid-January we had a very short timeframe to locate a moderately priced condo in Sarasota for our daughter.  Many difficulties arose.  In every single instance Julie resolved them to bring the condo closing in on the originally scheduled date.  She overcame all obstacles with professionalism and expertise.  Her knowledge of the area has great depth.  She provided excellent referrals to services we needed.  Her help and support were very important to our family at a difficult time.  

We feel so lucky that she is our Sarasota Realtor!  We will always recommend her to others and seek her out for any Real Estate issues in the future.

Gil DiMattia & Elizabeth R. Edgar 
Washington D.C.
Night Owl Buyer
Would love to recommend Julie to anyone looking for a property.  I was on the buying end, and Julie worked late nites, early days, whenever I needed her...she was there!  We looked at TOO many properties to count (she probably knows, but I choose to forget) but she always showed me what I wanted to see and she was on top daily of new listings!  After countless viewings, we found the ONE!  She made the buying process smooth and was very helpful in getting information to me in a timely manner! She made the buying process a JOY!  I miss getting to talk to her daily, as she became my "best friend" and late night phone friend!  I highly recommend Julie to anyone who wants a competent realtor!

Barb and Beau
Stress relieved seller

Dear Julie,

Thanks again for all you did for my family and I. Having a new baby, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and my husband changing jobs, was as much stress as I could handle. You made the selling of our home a much smoother process than I thought possible. I know catching escaped cats was no where in your Realtor list of things to do, but I do appreciate your concern for the safety of my animals. Your dedication to our wants and needs during our relocation was great.

 Thanks so much,

Jill, Mike, and Erin

Did in four months what my other realtor couldn't do in 12

Julie Stalnaker did in four months what my other realtor couldn't do in 12. I had my house listed with another realtor and just happened to be home when Julie brought her client through my house. I was impressed with her thoroughness of the showing, her knowledge of construction issues, and her prowess at problem-solving. When my original listing contract was up, I contacted Julie to list my house. As a professional, she offered suggestions on why my house had not sold, offered corrective recommendations, provided contact information, and in some instances, initiated and followed through with corrective measures. Julie is great at networking, problem-solving, and marketing. She is also dedicated to meeting the client's needs and creative in achieving the client's goals. Julie is the realtor who can get things done-she did for me!

Alana Donley; Columbus, Ohio